Network Solutions

network solutions dubai

Structured Cabling

H N S Solutions network solutions provider in Dubai designs and manufactures the gold standard for structured cabling. From twisted-pair copper cabling to multimode and single mode fiber optics, our cables meet or exceed all published standards.

Whether you require the latest high-performance Category 6A cabling for your enterprise or the newest OM5 wide band multimode fiber optics for your data center, H N S Solutions provides dependable high-performance cabling infrastructure that will last long into the future.


H N S Solutions conducts a specialized wifi site survey to help you in managing your wireless framework like an expert.

We know how important your Wi-Fi installation is and that is why we are here to provide your business with top Wi-Fi installation services. Our professional teams have great experience with wireless internet connection setup and they know how to take out the best from your Wi-Fi infrastructure we make sure that you always get the best network solutions.

Also H N S Solutions being a commercial wifi installation and wireless internet installation company understands your details completely to come up with the best solutions.

We understand the number of employees your business has, what are their locations in the premises, and other factors like density and obstacles to deliver you with an excellent environment in terms of wi-fi network installation.

network solutions dubai

Virtual Private Networking

Data is often vulnerable in today’s public network and most businesses will opt for a private network solution to keep data secure. VPNs are the primary solution to connect remote offices, remote users, and anyone else who may need remote access to your network. Fast, secure, and convenient, a VPN allows your company to work and grow beyond the walls of your office. To ensure safety, data travels through secure tunnels and VPN users must use authentication methods such as passwords, tokens and other unique identification methods to gain access to the VPN.