Importance of having CCTV Security System

Importance of having CCTV security system is very crucial for any nature of business, household and property. You might have heard a great deal about CCTV security system installations in residential areas that make it more appealing to purchasers of the house or, those who wish to lease the same. There is also a good… Continue reading Importance of having CCTV Security System

Structured Cabling components

What is structure cabling? It’s a system of cabling and associated hardware to provide organizations with a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure. It serves a wide range of uses, including telephone services and transmitting data through a computer network. Every structured cabling system is unique in that there are slight variations of components depending upon: The architectural structure… Continue reading Structured Cabling components

Top 7 Types Of CCTV Surveillance Cameras

Security is of vital significance in this modern-day, with a spike in the number of thefts and anti-social activities, and it cannot be compromised at any cost. Security cameras may save the day and give us peace of mind, knowing that we are being watched and that if something goes wrong, we will have real… Continue reading Top 7 Types Of CCTV Surveillance Cameras