Top 7 Types Of CCTV Surveillance Cameras


Security is of vital significance in this modern-day, with a spike in the number of thefts and anti-social activities, and it cannot be compromised at any cost. Security cameras may save the day and give us peace of mind, knowing that we are being watched and that if something goes wrong, we will have real proof to back us up.
So, if you’ve been thinking about getting one for your home or place of business, and you’re always asking yourself, “What sort of CCTV camera should I buy?” then this article will assist you in determining what is the greatest option for you, as our specialists will recommend the best type of CCTV cameras Installation in Dubai to meet your needs.

You should think about a couple of different kinds of cameras. Let’s take a closer look at each one to see what it is and how it can benefit your security system.

1. Bullet CCTV Cameras
The design of bullet CCTV cameras is instantly recognizable. They have a cylinder form and can see a considerable distance. Because bullet cameras are frequently used outside, their shells are designed to withstand water, dust, and grime.

•Offenders are deterred by the high visibility.
•In difficult situations, dirt-resistant.
•Allows for long-distance observation.

2. Dome CCTV Cameras
The dome-shaped case in which a dome CCTV camera is housed gives it its name. Even though these CCTV cameras appear to be quite unobtrusive, they are effective in deterring crooks. It is because the dome coating obscures the camera’s direction of travel. For possible thieves or vandals coming from all directions, this creates an atmosphere of uncertainty.

•It’s simple to install because of the unobtrusive design.
•Best for indoor and outdoor use.
•The camera rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to cover all perspectives.


3. Day/Night CCTV Cameras
Day/night Security cameras have the benefit of being able to operate in a variety of lighting conditions, from bright to dim. This surveillance camera system doesn’t need infrared illuminators since it can capture quality footage in both light and dark. Day/night CCTV cameras are perfect for outdoor surveillance when infrared CCTV cameras are ineffective.

•In low light, a clear recording is possible.
•They frequently shoot in color as well as black and white.
•For exterior monitoring, the camera’s casing protects it from the elements.

4. Infrared CCTV Cameras
These cameras are made to work best in complete darkness, as their name indicates. Using infrared technology, they do this. Infrared cameras are more expensive than day/night cameras, but those that choose them to do so because night recording is critical to their business’s security. Infrared CCTV Cameras Installation is one of the seamless forms of installation.

•During the day, an infrared cut filter is activated for clear visuals in low light.
•In the presence of fog, dust, or smoke, it is possible to capture photos.
•During the day, it captures color images and at night, it captures black-and-white images.

5. Wireless Cameras
These cameras might be linked to the internet or not. IP-based cameras aren’t found in every wireless CCTV camera. Alternative wireless transmission modes can be used by some wireless cameras. But, regardless of transmission technique, the main advantage of these devices is their installation flexibility.

•Installing a CCTV system is easier than you would think.
•A less intrusive fitment and a discrete and neat look
•Images are broadcast through the internet and may thus be viewed from any location.


6. C-Mount Camera
C-Mount Detachable lenses can be used on CCTV cameras for a variety of uses. A CCTV camera can typically record up to 35 feet away; however, if you want to monitor beyond this range, a C-Mount Camera with a specific lens can help. To fine-tune focus distance and angle of vision, a varifocal lens is commonly utilized. It is possible to zoom in and out of them without losing focus.

•Special lenses with the ability to cover over 40 feet distance.
•In surveillance, to acquire variable zoom.


7. PTZ Camera
PTZ cameras may be panned, tilted, and zoomed. It allows a surveillance operator to move the lens around by panning, tilting, and zooming. These cameras can be controlled manually or programmed to follow a precise view of the scene. These cameras are used in highly sensitive zones wherein live monitoring is essential since they can be controlled via live controls.

•These cameras include optical zoom, which allows you to zoom in on specific subjects.
•The 360-degree field of vision is provided via the pan and tilt function.
•Image quality is generally excellent, allowing face characteristics to be seen.
•The security staff has complete control over the footage and is able to react to life circumstances.

Final Thoughts
CCTV cameras, whether a single camera or a group of cameras as part of a comprehensive security system, may perform a wide range of services for the businesses that use them. These are mostly used for detection, deterrent, reassurance, surveillance, access control, and facility management, among other things.

For your CCTV requirements, HNS Solutions  team of professionals can give a free, no-obligation quote. They can also do a site survey to provide recommendations on the best types of CCTV cameras for your business and how to comply with needed rules and conditions. All in all, for your need for Security camera installation in Dubai, we can be your go-to partners.

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